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About Us


We have been established as one of the leading suppliers of quality magic tricks in both the United Kingdom and the USA.

Our products range from beginners magic to Expert in standard, and are ideal for the professional magicians around the world.

Here at MagicWorldOnline.com we pride ourselves in offering amazing customer service.  MagicWorldOnline.com is our USA company, but we originate from the UK version of our company at www.magicworld.co.uk.  Although our offices are in the United Kingdom, we assure you all the items you see on our site are in stock, and ready to ship directly from our USA fulfillment company.

If you have any questions regarding your order or would like to know more about a certain magic trick, please do not hesitate to call us on: +44(0)161-336-8876.  This can easily be dialed through Skype or your local international service for less than a penny per minute.

All orders are dispatched the same day they arrive, and by the fastest method available.  Occasionally should postage cost considerably more than we have charged, we will have to charge you further to cover the costs, but we will always get in touch and ask you how you would like to continue with your order if this occurs.

Many Thanks for choosing MagicWorldOnline.com, and have a wonderful Day

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