50 Secrets to Successful Magic - Book
50 Secrets to Successful Magic – Book

50 Secrets to Successful Magic – Book


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Remember the old days when all a magician had to do was practice a few cards tricks and a sponge ball routine, put on his bow tie and then show the guests a few parlor tricks as they looked on admiringly? OK, maybe those days never even existed, but being a magician these days requires more knowledge and inside information than ever. There are more types of venues, more types of audiences, and you need not only the skills of a magician, but the foresight of a business man, the creativity of a marketing expert and the social expertise of a master diplomat. And that’s just for starters.
<br. in="" this="" massive="" book="" of="" inside="" information="" many="" today's="" top="" stars="" from="" around="" the="" world="" offer="" you="" help="" and="" advice="" on="" everything="" can="" imagine="" to="" be="" a="" successful="" magician.="" how="" shows="" for="" higher="" fee,="" add="" comedy="" into="" your="" act,="" opening="" lines,="" what="" tricks="" are="" most="" effective="" certain="" surroundings="" so="" much="" more.="" with="" over="" 300="" advice-stuffed="" pages="" covering="" every="" aspect="" become="" magician,="" is="" an="" invaluable="" must-read="" collection="" people="" who="" have="" already="" done="" it!=""

Foreword by Andy Nyman.

With contributions from: Nick Einhorn, Gary Jones, Tom Wright, Chris Congreave, Joshua Jay, Jon Allen, Andi Gladwin, Pit Hartling, Paul Gordon, Aaron Fisher, Iain Moran, Michael Vincent, James Brown, Keith Fields, Morgan & West, Christopher T. Magician, and many, many more.

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