Ball to Rubik’s Cube by Alexander May


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Highly visual & very surprising way to get into your Rubik’s Cube magic!

Push a little red sponge ball into your empty hand, and in an instant you reveal a Rubik’s Cube! This is such an unexpected transformation that you WILL get a shocked reaction from your audience.

We’ve taken great care to get the cube to look as close to the real thing as possible, and this is the perfect way to introduce your Cube magic if you do a quick switch to a real cube.

Loads of possibilities for super visual & magical moments:

– Transform a sponge ball into a Rubik’s Cube in your empty hands
– Push a red and black sponge ball into your fist & reveal a Rubik’s Cube
– Put a red sponge ball into a paper bag or even someone else’s handbag and pullout a Rubik’s Cube

Or use as regular sponge Rubik’s Cube and you can:

– Make a Rubik’s Cube appear in empty cups, boxes & bags
– Place a mixed up cube in a paper bag, pull it out completely solved in an instant.

Your audience might think you have two cubes, so you crumple up the paper bag &throw it away…

And so much more!

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