BULLSEYE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Hugo Choi – Trick


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Here’s the latest, astounding product from HUGO CHOI, a fabulous magician from Korea.

Please enjoy his new magical effect.

Have your spectator pick a card from the deck and mix the cards.

The magician removes a handkerchief from his pocket and opens it up – it has a dartboard design on it.

The magician mixes the deck in a mind-boggling manner on the handkerchief.

The magician removes a card from his pocket, with a drawing of a dart on it. With a quick snap, the dart disappears and, in its place, is a hole in the shape of the missing dart. Where has it gone?

The cards covering the handkerchief are removed — one card is stuck to the handkerchief with the missing dart on its back.

Removing the card from the “dartboard,” it is the chosen card! BULLSEYE!

The explanation also offers a version that’s equally mystifying, not requiring a handkerchief.

This is fun card magic for you to perform, and it’s fun for your audience as well!

Item details:

  • Gimmick card
  • Handkerchief
  • Online video instructions

Note: Bicycle red back deck not included.

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