Fine Print by Jay Sankey presented by Nick Locapo (14 GIMMICKS INCLUDED)

Everyone makes mistakes. Even you…. but that day, is not today.

Whether you want to shut down a heckler, or to take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster, Fine Print is a ticking time bomb. Just slip one of the gimmicks into your deck (replace your regular ace of spades) and you’re ready to go. With this new deluxe version, you get FOURTEEN gimmicks, in red and blue bicycle back, with FOUR different reveals, so unless you’re giving them away as souvenirs, these will last a LONG time.

Nick Locapo will teach you FIVE full routines, so you’ll be all set even if you’ve never done a card trick before in your life. Of course, if you already know a million card tricks you’ll be happy to know you can end almost any card revelation with Fine Print.

And if you’re one of those weirdos who likes to repeat tricks for the same audience, or if you’re a worker who performs for very nearby audiences (tables) you can easily swap out aces for different outcomes.

This is a must have gimmick for any card magician.

“I’m gonna come right out and say it, I hate magicians. They’re always making you look dumb in front of your friends, and just when you think you’ve gotten the better of one, they make you look even dumber. Smug bastards. After years of mental abuse from my buddy Jeff hey-look-at-me Oaks, I was SO ready to laugh in his face, like ‘hahhhhh! you finally screwed up, idiot!!! You suck, Jeff!!!!’… when he smiled from ear to ear and asked if I had ever read the fine print on the ace of spades. I hate magic, and I hate you, Jeff.”
Kenny Strassel, Pittsburgh PA


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