Fontaine Fever Dream Blind Pack Playing Cards


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FONTAINE FEVER DREAMS Playing Cards are an exciting combination of anticipation of mystery, great aesthetics, and quality cards. FEVER DREAMS you have the option of getting 1 of 6 decks of cards – each wrapped in a BLIND PACK. You will not know which of the 6 Fever Dreams decks is inside.

Possible FEVER DREAMS decks:

  • CGI EDITION – 1 of 4000 Decks printed at USPCC.
  • 1993 EDITION – 1 of 4000 decks printed at USPCC.
  • HACKER EDITION – 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC.
  • DECODER EDITION – 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC
  • RAVE EDITION – 1 of 2000 decks printed at USPCC
  • CHARACTERS EDITION – 1 of 1000 decks printed on full foil at Legends Playing Card Co in PRC.

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