Sub-Zero (Gimmicks and DVD) by Spidey - DVD
Sub-Zero (Gimmicks and DVD) by Spidey – DVD

Sub-Zero (Gimmicks and DVD) by Spidey – DVD


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Imagine having the ability to instantly freeze water at your fingertips!

Sub-Zero is a revolutionary technology that allows you to perform mind blowing magic using the most basic element of life. With this DVd you will be provided with a gimmick which will turn any ordinary glass of water into a powerful insturment of deception, which has mystified some the keenest magicians. The effects in this DVD range from visually stunning vanishes, appearances and transformations to mind-blowing demonstrations of mental ability.

  • Instant Repeat
  • Easy to do
  • Completely Clean vanishes
  • Use any glass of water
Manipulate the consistency of water on command!

Running Time Approximately: 25min

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