WOW 3.0 Blank (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Masuda


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By fully using advanced printing technology from Japan, all versions of WOW 3 are clearer and higher resolution than ever before.

By using polycarbonate, it has a more glass-like shine on the surface.

In pursuit of stylish design, the bezel on the both sides of WOW 3 is thinner than ever.

“WOW” has been loved by magicians all over the world, but WOW 3 has evolved much further!


Because it’s blank, your imagination is your only limitation.

Only Wow Blank can make your dreams and wishes come true!

e.g. Perfect way to propose your lover, or to wish your friends good luck!

The possibilities are limitless.

It’s time to get WOW 3 Blank to experience the evolutions!

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