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Ten inventors and performers of magic took siege of the magic bar in stockholm to record project 21, but it proved impossible to hold a strong fort against the proprietor who opened the doors and laymen flooded the premises. Could they continue their secret work, just a few feet away from the unsuspecting guests? The following takes place between 10 am and 11 pm:

Axel Adlercreutz

  • The Self Bending Straw – A drinking straw bends by itself as you hold it lightly.
  • Circle Vanish – A very visual coin vanish.
  • Two rope & ring moves – Fast, clean and super visual linking and unlinking of a ring and rope.
Erik Nordvall
  • Memoradix – After three increasingly impossible card locations, the deck ends up in new deck order.
  • The Real Green Shuffle – Lennart Green’s false riffle shuffle with Erik”s addition.
Johan Ståhl
  • Sleeveless Sleeving – A pen appears, disappears, appears and transforms, a crash course in sleeving!
  • Sleeveless & Purseless – Bonus sleeving.
Jonas Ljung
  • Forced Will – An impromptu prediction of how the spectator will place random objects on the table.
Joachim Solberg
  • JS Card Control, Double Lift and Top Change, adapted into three short and powerful card tricks.
Anders Modén
  • Cherry Blossom – Not suitable at the dinner table. Regurgitation, sort of…
  • Suction – Impromptu, designed for dinner seatings.
Tim Star
  • Ace routine – Includes Ace Production, the Turnover Muck Switch, Vanishing Aces, the Breakaway Case.
Micke Askernäs
  • Display Bend – Cheeky and visual spoonbending.
  • Askernas Retention Pass – Utility coin vanish.
Tom Stone
  • Redneck Remedy – An innovative twist on the multiplying bottles.
  • Gap Drive – You will love to practise this magician fooler.
  • Clink Catch – An eyecatching stunt. Start with coins, turn them into anything you like.
Tomas Blomberg
  • Time After Time – An amazing principle. Three spectators, a shuffled deck and a series of random events leading to three impossible card revelations that will probably even fool the performer.

“I have rarely enjoyed watching a magic DVD as much as this one. The productions values are top-notch, the setting is elegant, the inventors are charming and well-rehearsed, and the material is of an extremely high quality.”
– Gordon Bean

“Ten of Scandinavias most clever and talented magicians demonstrate and teach their magic on this new DVD. This is creative, energetic and visual magic in a beautifully produced DVD, highly recommended.”
– Matthew Field, Editor, The Magic Circular

“Watch out for the latest invasion from Scandinavia! Fortunately it is just excellent magic, very well executed. A Smorgasbord of Magic – it”s their specialty.”
– Roberto Giobbi

“Do yourself a favor and get 21! Twen-ty-one, Twen-ty-one!”
– Bill-Ma-lone

“Refresh your perspective, recharge your attitude, and let the Lateral Thinking and novel approaches expand your consciousness! 21 does what creative works are supposed to do: inspire, guide, teach, satisfy, and make your magic new.”
– Jon Racherbaumer

“Creativity is certainly alive and well in Sweden! The thoughts that popped into my head as I watched were – Wow! This is excellent! Great thinking! Got me again! How cool is that! My two word recommendation – “Buy it!”
– Mike Powers

“These DVDs have something for everyone – great bar gags, great close-up ideas, great stage magic ideas.”
– Allan Ackerman

Total Running Time Approximately: 2hr 6min

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