3 to 1 Rope Pro by Magie Climax – Trick


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The Professor’s Nightmare is a classic of magic that lends itself to all types of presentations.

You start by showing 3 ropes of different lengths: a small, medium and a long rope.

After folding them in half, the 3 ropes are found to be all the same length!

Imagine now being able to merge – visually these 3 ropes – to form 1 rope!

It’s possible with 3 to 1 Rope Pro!

You let go of one… then 2 ropes… to keep only one end in your hand, and now there is only one long, single rope hanging at your hand: the 3 ropes seem to have magically welded together.

As a bonus, you can use this same rope to achieve a cut-and-restored rope trick. Very visual and very clean!

– A classic effect with a twist!
– Easy handling, accessible to all
– Explanation on a video link in French and English
– Climax Manufacturing

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