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Learn some cool ideas with BALLS


This video is the result of ten years of work doing ball manipulation.

Classic routine: Using the standard multiplying ball set and some cool techniques.

Clown routine: Using the clown’s nose and some confetti.

Impossible color change: A ball changes in a very visual way. Using two balls (red and white) and two gimmicks.

Color change routine 1: The ball change it’s color, other colored ball appears, change it’s color and finally other two colored balls appear.

Colored balls with handkerchief: Very nice routine with one silk handkerchief, one ball with 3 gimmicks and a lot of confetti. Perfect for kid’s shows.

Ball routine: A nice routine using just one ball, a silk handkerchief and some confetti. Learn new techniques I created and some classics.

Color change routine 2: A ball changes it’s color 3 times, then becomes 4 balls and finally transforms into confetti.

1, 2, 4, 1, 0 balls: A cool routine using two ideas, a very practical gimmick and a very old principle. Perfect for social media

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