BANDONFIRE 3+ by Bacon Fire & Magic Soul


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10 New & Killer Rubber Band Visual Effects!!

  1. Rubber flash
  2. RB vanish
  3. Between
  4. Triangle link
  5. Ghost Ring
  6. Lazy Slam
  7. Easy come easy go 2.0
  8. Real Star 2.0


  1. No palm
  2. X mystery
  • Very impromptu, no need to setup beforehand
  • Completely pure techniques without props
  • Everything can be examined by the spectator
  • Magical with rubber bands, very visual
  • Full tutorial in Chinese with English subtitles, easy to understand
  • “This project is just… Wow! Thank you so much for this treasure!”
    – Dr. Cyril Thomas

    “Bacon Fire is too dangerous! He is a beast with rubber bands.”
    – Hanson Chien

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