BOW AND ARROW COIN GOLD (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bacon Magic


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Bow and Arrow Coin is a high-quality magic coin produced by Bacon Magic. The coin features a classic and entertaining magic effect: the arrowhead, deeply engraved on the coin, magically changes its position.

The intriguing effect, combined with the exquisite appearance, makes Bow and Arrow Coin perfect for magicians to carry with them and interact with the audience at any time.

Bow and Arrow Coin is available in both gold and silver options. The design is elegant and vintage, created using 3D casting technology, resulting in a more three-dimensional and vivid surface pattern.

Each Bow and Arrow Coin is meticulously crafted from premium alloy and follows the standard Morgan size (the size of one US dollar coin). The coin’s surface is coated with a special material to reduce friction noise when multiple coins are handled, providing a comfortable grip. It can also be used for other common coin magic routines.

The operation of Bow and Arrow Coin is simple and easy to learn, suitable for both master magicians and beginners to master effortlessly.

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