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The Black and White Trick is a routine that Bruce Cervon kept secret for many years. In fact, Mr. Cervon coveted the effect to such a degree that he performed it almost exclusively for lay audiences.

This is a complete magical interlude that utilizes unique props and requires virtually no sleight of hand. Anyone can learn The Black and White Trick. Even if your skill is at the beginner’s level, you should have no trouble learning this wonderfully commercial routine. Mr. Cervon has also included several advanced versions, which elevate the effect to a showpiece. A multitude of magical surprises, culminating in a visual and entertaining climax.

In addition to The Black and White Trick, the book also includes an amazing assortment of twenty-four professional routines, sleights, and subtleties. Included is the Novrec Turnover, an invaluable utility move that is designed to secretly reverse a packet of cards. This is the cutting edge of card magic.

Please note that because this is a digital product, there are no cards supplied. However, the needed cards are very easy to make yourself. The cards included with the hardcopy edition were supplied mainly as a convenience.

168 pages, illustrated.


Foreword by Louis Falanga

Introduction: by Bruce Cervon

The Black and White Basic Routine
A Handling Touch
Black and White Presentational Tips

Black and White Trick Openings
Another Simple Show
Multiple Lift Opening
Turnover Pass Opening
Wedge Break Oil and Water Opening
Biddle Move Opening
Another Biddle Move Opening
Elmsley Count Opening

The Novrec Turnover
Amazing Jokers
The Transposing Ace

Bruce Cervon’s Favorite Black and White Routine
“In The Spectator’s Hands” Sequence
Convincing Closing
More On ‘The Proof’ Phase

The Spotted Black and White Trick

The Black and White Trick a’la Michael Weber

More Black and White Tricks
Follow the Black and White
Black and White Attraction

More On The Little Finger Turnover
Little Finger Turnover Display Sequence
The Little Finger Turnover As A Switch
Take Me To Your Printer


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