Clear Jacket by Dominique Duvivier


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Dominique Duvivier’s magic… in full transparency!

Dominique Duvivier’s famous trick “Cards in the Pocket” offers you the ultimate transposition: The cards are signed, no palms, no duplicate cards!The Clear Jacket brings this type of effect to an unequalled level!
Bonus: a simplified version of this wonderful trick.

We also offer routines with different predictions, ropes, and lots of ideas for both close up and stage.
The tricks and ideas are proposed by Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier, but also Paul Gertner, Gaetan Bloom and Quoc Tien Tran.
You will love these routines, whether you are a beginner or an advanced magician!

You will be able to create your own effects by yourself, so rich in possibilities is this accessory.

The “Clear Jacket” is supplied with a online instructions.

What they think:

“Dominique is a master of subtlety and psychology. His mind allows him to see things with a different perspective, this particular inner sense that we find in the conception of the Clear Jacket. Dominique proves once again that the way to perfection is not to always add layers, but rather to “peel off” layers, which he has done with the Clear Jacket.”
– Joe Stevens – Stevens’ Magic Emporium

“One of my greatest memories is witnessing Tony Slydini’s performance in our own parlour; he worked miracles right under my nose, he devastated my friends, he completely enchanted them, as I myself was. I can’t help but think how well the Clear Jacket would have fit in this context!
(…) Why is it a big deal?
The basic effect is already just devastating, but the addition of the “Clear Jacket” pushes the envelope even further – because the cards are always in full view.Dominique and their talented colleagues Alexandra Duvivier, Gaetan Bloom, Paul Gertner and Quoc Tien Tran have created effects that are accessible to all of us, regardless of our technical level!
(…) “I can’t go any slower…”, wasn’t that one of RenĂ© Lavand’s most famous lines? This effect, the Clear Jacket, makes me think furiously of this famous formula!
(…) The famous Dominique Duvivier offers you the ultimate transposition: The cards are signed, no palms, no duplicate cards, all the cards are always in full view! The “Clear Jacket” makes Dominique’s trick even more amazing!
(…) “The Blind Man” by Quoc Tien Tran. This complete act using the Clear Jacket is exceptionally well thought out. It is a great lesson in how to maximize magical material.”

Mark StevensStevens’ Magic Emporium

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