Coin to Wallet by Rodrigo Romano and Mysteries


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Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can — with our new effect, COIN TO WALLET.

The creator of Odyssey and Osmosis presents a new, unexplained mystery: COIN TO WALLET.

When you see it, you won’t believe it — a signed coin disappears from the magician’s hand and reappears in your wallet, inside a fully closed jewelry bag!

It’s that simple and effective.

Pure magic!

– The signed coin is totally normal.

– There aren’t duplicate coins.

– There are no switches.

– It can be done with any object (coin, ring, earring, etc.).

– The disappearance is totally clean.

– The participant opens the jewelry bag and finds the coin.


– It can be done surrounded by people.

– Ideal for close-up or larger settings.

– Resets in seconds.

– The wallet is a common one. You can use your favorite wallet without modifying it at all.

– The coin can be given as a souvenir!


– Specially designed accessories for this effect.

– Different routines to present it.

– Online instructions (English/Spanish).



Two equally powerful versions are included. In one, the jacket is slightly modified. In the other, the clothes are not modified at all.

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