Conjuror’s Wisdom Vol 2 by Joe Hernandez – Book


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“Joe’s wit and wisdom will delight and inspire you.”
Jeff McBride, International Star Magician, and creator of the Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas.

“Joe has done it again and magically filled a book with thousands of unique insights on conjuring. If you love our art, you will undoubtedly have years of enjoyment reading “between” the lines of these wonderful quotes, quips, and observations.”
Devlin, Award-winning Illusionist

“I always thought the Ascanio Spread was a Spanish Dish. In addition, I often wondered why a Topit was placed underneath. These are just a few of the many wondrous bits I found in version II of Conjuror’s Wisdom. The book contains plenty of good reading material, laughs, and quotes for magicians. I highly recommend it.”
George Schindler, Hall of Famer and Dean of the Society of American Magicians

“Joe clearly understands the powerful wisdom that is inherent in quotes. These witty and insightful morsels will take you on a journey of hilarious reading that will joyfully inform and amuse your inner mind. Reading this book is good for the soul and uplifting to one’s funny bone.”
John Pizzi, Comedian/Magician/Ventriloquist

“In a world conflicted with inner turmoil, Joe Hernandez’s Conjurer’s Wisdom Vol. II is the perfect antidote.”
Howard Hamburg, Legendary Card Expert

Here are three thousand three hundred thirty-three concise, honest, straightforward, street-smart, and timeless expressed quotes to delight and inspire your approach to the art of conjuring.

The selections range from serious to amusing, from provocative to whimsical. These quotes will add to your thinking and challenge you to reconsider many prevailing thoughts in modern conjuring.

By their very nature, the quotes in Conjurer’s Wisdom are meant to be used often and shared during your performance to enliven your presentation. Folks from all lifestyles and all ages will enjoy the wit and wisdom these quotes provide. That was my intent in writing them.

Whether you are performing close-up magic for one spectator or to a larger crowd, at a corporate gig, on stage, or you are at a loss for words, here you will find an appropriate quotable quote.

There is no time limit or constraint to these pithy foolosophical quirky utterances. Some are based on truths, semi-truths, or just simply on untruths. You decide. These quotes will last you a lifetime.

Read and enjoy!

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