Cosa Nostra Coins by Ellusionist

New York in the ’70s & ’80s was a lawless city plagued by violence, drugs & crime.

Five families controlled the city. Those were the Lucchese, Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino & Genovese crime families.

But we all know them by another name… The Mafia.

Made men or members inside The Mafia would refer to it as Cosa Nostra, aka “our thing.”

The myth is that every wiseguy carried a coin. This coin had no value but could buy anything – unlimited drinks, meals out, gas for their cars, and especially loyalty… It was a way to spend fear.

The rumor is that if you were a business owner who didn’t accept, they’d break your leg and stuff your own foot in your pocket.

But it was hard to prove their criminality… Nobody was talking.

Any wiseguy pinched would live by the Omertà:

You didn’t hear nothing.
You ain’t seen nothing.
You won’t say nothing.
If you did, it wouldn’t be long before you were wearing cement shoes.

The impenetrable code of silence made it hard for the FBI to gather any evidence from within…. And the coins were never found.

… Until now.

In a declassified sale from the US Department of F.M.S, Ellusionist has acquired some pristine silver coins carrying mobbed-up imagery.

We have no way of verifying authenticity.

Each coin is almost identical in size to a US half-dollar.

  • They have milled edges for lasting grip with even the most difficult of sleights.
  • A satisfying ring when flicked into the air.
  • Pristine Silver Finish for flawless retention vanishes.
  • Ferromagnetic core – these coins will stick to a magnet and can be magnetized themselves.

They seem to be PERFECT for coin magic – and we believe they are.

The story we’ve been told is that they were locked in a safe that was seized in a RICO raid on February 14th, 1985. The night of the NYPD’s “godfather roundup.”

Anyone who wasn’t already in silver bracelets, vanished overnight.

That famous RICO sting stamped out the fire on organized crime for all 5 families. No mob now exists to claim their alleged property.

… and when we ask former wiseguys if the coins are real they all say the same thing.

“Forget about it”

They still ain’t talking.

Get your Cosa Nostra coins today.


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