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From the creative mind of Chris Congreave:
Curiously Enough

Liar – a totally commercial lie detector routine. Give the lie detector a killer finish. Every day carry cards – a routine to have in your wallet and perform anywhere.
Stop – an easy and totally fooling card at any number routine, with a surprise ending. 50/50 – a great, easy to perform opening routine.
Coin prediction 2.0 – a self contained mentalism routine using coins.
Coin prediction 2.5 – another self contained mentalism routine using coins… ok it’s the same routine but a different ending
Visible prediction – predict anything on the back of a playing card!
Kickback card to wallet – a great addition to a card to wallet routine
Holey prediction – totally commercial way of handing out your business card
Futurama – a card prediction routine that is easy to perform and an absolute reputation maker Pocket matrix – a new take on the Jim Steinmeyer classic Matrix Poker
Any named card again – Gary Jones has wor1<ed any="" named="" card="" from="" curiouser="" and="" this="" is="" his="" handling.=""
Predicta pack – a gaffed pack that you can easily make yourself

Effects and ideas using predicta pack – Peek, Harry in your pocket, card through table, card under box.

You must be f***g joking – a great way to reveal a selected card using the Jokers

Invisible deck prediction – not what you might think…

An essay on performing at tables

Diary trick – a diary trick using a regular pack, and a regular diary, no memory work, easy to do.
Double card to wallet – using a gaff you already own have 2 selected cards appear inside your wallet
The Flash – a great start to an amb itious card routine
Sticky business – a great Stickman routine that also gets your business card out!
Time for a change – a mentalism routine with coins, but also kickbacks…

Thanks to Dave propless – a new take on Thanks to Dave from Curiouser and Curiouser

What a joke – a prediction routine using Jokers
Cutting the Aces (again) – a fun Ace cutting routine
Grease and Beer – an in the hands quick and visual routine

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