DANGER BOX ILLUSION (Full Set) by Magie Climax – Trick


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For the past few months, we have been working on the DANGER BOX ILLUSION.

Here is it: a tool that will allow you to create the burn shoe illusion alone and much more!


You borrow a shoe.

You place it in the Danger Box illusion in order to clean it with radioactive waves.

The machine is started and when it is opened, the shoe is transformed into another (for example).

Annoyed, you offer a gift for consolation.

From a flight case that has been in full view since the beginning, a lot of shoes will come out but none are the borrowed one … until the end!

No assistant

Everything is on stage since the beginning!

No false move: you put the shoe inside the Danger Box and it will vanish!

Very Easy to do

A pure comedy number for children and adults!

It is possible to make a version with a burned shoe using a mini smoke machine

THE STOOL will allow you to make appearances, disappearances:
You can produce doves from a cardboard shown empty, or make them disappear!

Since there is no writing about shoe, you can use the Danger Box Illusion with a mobile phone, with a shirt, with a small bag, with glasses…

You will receive:

– The Danger Box
– The stool specially made for this purpose.
– The flight case to find the shoe.
– Made in France
– Instructions in English and French

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