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You, a spectator, a deck of cards, a miracle!

A spectator shuffles a deck of cards, you instruct them to hold the cards face up, under the table, so that only they can see them. Despite these test conditions, you apparently display a genuine feat of ‘remote viewing’ by attempting to name each card in turn, as if you are somehow able to ‘see through the table’. With an accuracy way beyond the odds you are able to prove to your audience that they are witnessing a real demonstration of ‘psychic’ ability and what you claim to be true, must be possible!

This effect will completely ‘blow away’ those who you perform it for. It looks exactly as it would, if you were actually able to do this for real.

NO shiners, NO sleight of hand, NO dual reality and NO electronics.

After years of Mark’s close friends and peers asking him to release his back catalogue of effects, he has finally agreed to do so and we are delighted to bring you Eyrie.


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