FOCGOFF by Matthew Wright video DOWNLOAD – Download



The FOCGOFF principle is a technique that Matthew Wright has been using for many years as part of multiple routines in his performing repertoire.

In this download he teaches everything you need to start using this technique straight away to accomplish miracles including an incredible double prediction routine where a single playing is placed on the spectators hand before the routine begins. Paperclipped to the card is a bill/note.

Two cards are thought of by 2 different spectators. One of the thought of cards is revealed to be the card on the spectators hand. without ever revealing what card they are thinking of….the second spectator now takes the bill/note and unfolds it to reveal their thought of card is written on the bill.

A truly amazing reveal and a truly wonderful method that you will love to perform.

Over thirty minutes of explanations detailing the FOCGOFF principle….the Social Distance Force….. the Marvelous Clipped Switch……. Plus much much more.


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