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July 2024


Perfect Days: Hide and Half Moon by Richard Kaufman
The Magic of Friendship by Cyril Takayama
The Academy of Magical Arts Award Show: A Weekend of Surprises Review by Simone Marron


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong
Exhumations “Treble Trouble” by Jon Racherbaumer
Chamber of Secrets The Harlequin by John Gaughan
Expert at the Kids’ Table A Very Hot Book, GPS, and a Little Pee by David Kaye
Thoughts … On the Saccadic Eye Movement by Rafael Benatar
Panmagium The Pendragons

  • Part 1: The Beginning, An Unreliable Narrator by Jonathan Pendragon

Cardopolis U. F. Grant’s Card Trick by David Britland
Artifices Parlor Card Magic by Roberto Mansilla
Magicana by Jamy Ian Swiss

  • “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” Created by Favid Gerard
  • Intermission

The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

  • Knights at the Magic Castle by Shawn McMaster
  • Now Appearing at the Magic Castle


Books Reviewed by David Britland

  • All In by Allan Ackerman and John Lovick
  • The Alaska Gift Retreat Pack by David Regal, Jim Steinmayer, and Garrett Thomas
  • The Colditz Conjure by James Green

Reviewed by Mark Phillips

  • “Blow Hard” by Ryan Plunkett
  • Melero Rings by Ernesto Melero
  • “Invisible Triumph” by Jim Krenz
  • “Uncommon” by Josh Burch
  • Magic for Everyone by Penguin Magic
  • Sven Pro Deck by Suit & Tie FX and Invictus Magic
  • “Laced Up” by Donnovan Mount

Videos Revied by Jonathan Levit

  • Calabrese on Cards by Mark Calabrese
  • Corner Piece by Sean Ridgeway and Steve Langston
  • The Human Calculator by Arthur Benjamin

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