Gilded Eye of the Ocean Astra Polaris (Black) Playing Cards


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An unique tuckbox mimicking the ruins of an ancient monument is designed to show the gilded edges with antique gold pattern. Astra Polaris in latin means pole star, and as you know it is the reference star for nocturnal navigation. 


  • 56 cards, printed by Cartamundi on B9 slimline paper stock
  • A one of a kind deconstructed tuckbox printed by Oath Playing Cards.
  • Tuckbox with white foil, gold foil, embossing, inner pattern in gold foil.
  • Custom dieline and opening.
  • Gilded deck with antique gold pattern
  • Jigsaw puzzle deck: compose a star chart with the 56 cards
  • Custom illustrations: Aces, court cards, Jokers
  • Limited edition even if not numbered
  • Wrapped in cellophane
  • Made in the EU

NOTE: the gilded edges might show imperfections; all the decks have been hand-gilded one by one.

Photos by Richard Arturo

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