Hover (with DVD) by Angelo Carbone


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Borrow a deck of cards which you remove from the case. 

The deck is placed on top of the card case. 
Without touching the deck at all you slowly remove the case from under the deck until it no longer supports it. The cards are just flowing in mid air. The top card is removed to pass under the floating deck to proved there are no connections between the deck and the table. 
Finally, without touching the cards at all, the case is pushed back under the deck. All is left for immediate examination. 
Hover is a great opening effect to any card routine.
Use any deck of cards. Special gimmick supplied. 
“The definition of ‘classic’ is something judged over time to be of the highest quality, class or rank. With Angelo’s ‘Hover’, I say WHY WAIT?” – Greg Wilson
“The most impossible looking illusion that you can carry around in your pocket.” – Tom Crosbie
Running Time: Approximately 15 mins

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