In Session (Junior Year) Playing Cards


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The third deck from the In Session Playing Cards line, Junior Year is a tribute to the Scantron that is used for testing, mainly the SATs (most schools make you take the SATs starting in your Junior Year of High School). From the back design resembling the scantron sheet, to the faces being hand drawn, all things number 2 pencil is here in this deck.

Designed in cooperation with Deryn Le, the deck continues the trend with In Session Playing Cards and features a completely different design from Freshman and Sophomore Year, but still staying true to the school theme.

  • Cards are printed by WJPC
  • Tuck case features a white matte paper with a red foil line down the front of the tuck
  • Marked back design for suits and values.
  • Hand drawn faces, modeled after the standard court cards
  • Custom Ace of Spades, featuring various items from the classroom
  • Custom Jokers, each with a different card reveal
  • Extra 4 of Spades
  • A card explaining the marking system

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