Inevitable Choice by Christian Grace

Like finding a “needle in a haystack”, this impossible effect allows your spectator to find their own card in an impossibly fair way. Despite them making every decision, their final choice is ultimately inevitable.

Inevitable Choice” from Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. magic will seemingly rob your spectator of their free will. You show them a deck with all different cards. They select a card which is then shuffled and lost into the deck. You then start dealing cards face down to the table. They can call “stop” as many times as they want as you go through the deck. Every time they do, you’ll cleanly place a card to the side.

You then repeat this with the smaller packet they created until just a few cards remain. They make a choice from these cards and, impossibly, it is their selected card. They made all the choices themselves, yet this outcome was seemingly pre-determined from the start. They were destined to find their own card. No sneaky switches, steals or sleight of hand are needed. Using a special deck of cards and a super tiny bit of mental work, this effect is nearly self-working.

In the instructional video, Christian will teach you how easy “Inevitable Choice” is to perform. He’ll walk you through Most importantly, he’ll share all the important details and subtleties needed to get the most out of this amazing effect. You’ll learn how to casually guide your spectators without them ever suspecting a thing.

Inevitable Choice” is great for beginners while also providing the presentation possibilities desired by professionals. It resets quickly and is great for close-up magic and table-hooping. You can even easily integrate it into your online shows.

Grab “Inevitable Choice” by Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. today.


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