Magic Encarta Presents Palm Switch & Palm Control by Vivek Singhi


Palm Switch

A super quick way of secretly switching one card for another, which can be used with 2 different applications when doing the switch face up or face down. The switch is quick, instantaneous, easy and practical. When doing Palm Switch face up, you show that the top card instantly changes to the selected card. When doing Palm Switch face down, the selected card is controlled underneath the indifferent card which still looks like a single card but is in fact a double.

Palm Control

A bonus move which utilizes similar mechanics of Palm Switch and effectively lets you control a selected card inserted in the middle of the deck instantly on top in the action of rubbing the deck with your fingers.

Both methods require NO BREAKS, COMPLETELY IMPROMPTU, PURE SLEIGHT OF HAND and can also be performed with a borrowed deck.

Download the video and learn now.


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