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Compiled and Edited By Mike Maxwell.

M.I.N.T. Volume 1 by Edward Marlo is the first in a series recounting nearly a quarter century of outstanding contributions by Edward Marlo to The New TOPS Magazine. Completely reillustrated and organized; here is a reference source of sleights and tricks that have become legendary. Now you can have this wealth of material at your fingertips, with a complete table of contents for easy referencing.

Containing 53 Marlo masterpieces, M.I.N.T. Volume 1 is a valuable reference source that your library cannot afford to be without. Spanning 365 pages and completely illustrated with over 350 line drawings by Sonny Narvaez, this collection contains what Mr. Marlo called some of his best work.


Publisher’s Preface: Louis Falanga

Introduction: Jon Racherbaumer

Foreword: Edward Marlo

June: Clipped Thought
July: Cardician Makes Good
August: Remember And Forget
September The Incomplete Faro
October A Table Pass
November The Homing Card
December Gad – About Aces
TRICK ANNUAL: Original Homing Card Routine

January: Preview To A Chapter
February: Vanishing Aces And Face Up Switch & Effect
March: The Blue Thought
April: Atfus / Mental Reverse III
May (Bonus): Marlo’s Coin Pass
May: Mindreading Queen
June: The Mental Sandwich
July: The Fufu Switch
August: A Flourish To Reverse
September: Marlo’s Princess
October: After The Princess
November: Siamese Strangers
December: Incomplete Faro Control

January: Incomplete Faro/Multiple Peeks
February: Packet Switches
March: A Problem Posed
April: Card And Coins
May: Glide Variation
June: Table Reverse And Effect
August: Impromptu Coin And Cards
September: As An Opener
October: A Multiple Effect
November The Olram Subtlety
December: Marlo’s Aces

January: New Palm Position
February: The M.P. Side Steal
March: The Action Lift (The Turn Around)
April: The Mental Topper
May: In Spectator’s Hands
June: The Prayer Cull
July: The Matching Miracle

January: Marlo Handles Mexican Joe
February: Ever Ready-Black Routine
March: The Opportune Miracle
May: Ultra Torn and Restored Card
June: One Hand Card Switches
July: New Tabled Palms
August: Simulated Pickup
September: The Promise
October: The Other Method
November: Pull Down Eliminator
December: The Cigar Bottom Deal

January: Drop Sleight Technique
February: Visual Change – Appearance – Vanish
March: The Illusionary Bottom Deal
April: P. D. Mental Stab


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