MY NAME IS by Julio Montoro


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Have you ever wondered how to perform a signature transposition between two cards?? With My Name Is, NOW YOU CAN!

Imagine this…You give a “My name is” sticker to the spectator to be signed (by him) with his name, after this, you introduce a second sticker to be signed with your name. Now, right after you start performing your favorite magic trick, both stickers change in a visual way, so now the magician has the spectator name stuck on his chest…and the spectator has the magician’s name!

With my name is you will receive:

  • Handcrafted gimmicks in Spain made with whiteboard material.
  • Multiple replacement stickers.
  • Tutorial video by Julio Montoro teaching all the details of My name is.

What are you waiting for?? Get your copy of My Name is and perform it now as your street-magic opener!

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