Perthuis’ Ropes (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Philippe de Perthuis – Trick


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The new “Rings and Ropes Mystery” by Philippe de Perthuis

“Incredible! This is THE method. (I wish I had found it.)”
Gaetan Bloom

Completely revised on a technical level, this classic becomes a sketch with participation and rebounds.


Borrowed objects (watches, bracelets, finger rings.) are threaded on two ropes. They go through the sleeves of a jacket which is also borrowed. Two spectators are holding the ends of the ropes. And yet you are able to free the objects one by one, jacket included.

This is the classical effect of the Rings and Ropes Mystery but the method is revolutionary.

The gimmick included gives you a complete freedom and everything can be checked at the beginning and at the end.

Involvement of the audience, humor, easy to do, you have in your hands a 10 or 15 minutes’ sketch.


– Easy to do
– No angle (even surrounded)
– Incomprehensible
– Interactive
– Bilingual French/English instructions (online video)
– Gimmick + ropes supplied

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