Pop Up Project by Guilherme Almeida & Patricio Teran

When it comes to an effect in which a drawing or a photo is transformed into a real object, we thought that we had seen it all, until the Pop Up Project showed a revolutionary way of realizing this effect


The magician shows a bag with some papers and in each one is written a different word. These papers are thrown on a table and the spectator chooses one (before all this process the magician would have shown an envelope written prediction on it). The spectator opens the chosen paper and on it is written “Boat”.

Then the magician takes his prediction: a card.

When he shows the card, magically a drawing begins to materialize on its back, forming a 2D boat. When everyone thinks the magic is complete, the magician turns this drawing into a real 3D boat, which can be given away for the spectator to examine.

This effect is extremely easy to make and the product is 100% ready to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When used correctly, the “Pop Up Project” gimmick should last a long time. However, please watch the entire tutorial before attempting to use it. Extra thread is included but should not be required for a long time if performed properly.


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