PRESENTING and STAGING Your SHOW by Luis Magic video DOWNLOAD – Download


No “TRICKS” in this download. You will learn, instead, all my methods and subtilis, learn in years of practice, in what I consider much more important than single tricks:

– YOUR ART NAME: it won’t be forgotten any more if You show it appearing on your clothes using one of the 4 methods, You’ll learn in the download

– CARD TRICKS and DECKS inspired to you art name

– THE PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION of Your show which must clearly reveal:

– what kind of performing art you’re going to exhibit;

– You art name; and must induce Your audience to make their first, big, applause.

We’ll analyze in details the use of a dossier containing the presentation text (4 examples shared for 4 different kind of magic You can perform): who has to read it? Which are its characteristics?

– THE AUTO PRESENTATION: You’ll be the presenter of yourself! (they’ll laugh at the end)

– STAGING YOUR TABLE: Your close up show will have a complete professional background


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