Printing 2.0 with New Ending ( by Dominique Duvivier – DVD


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If “Printing” became one of the biggest magic best-sellers of all time, it’s because it revolutionized the approach of small packages’ tricks. When you perform this trick, you will want to perform a big illusion show… in close up conditions.

You display the four blue backed Tens (Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds) and four blue backed blank cards. You put in contact a blank card with one of the 10s and it prints on the blank card a 10 identical to the model! From that moment, a succession of effects will be coming: one card will take the color of your close up mat, another one will lose its blue back, a third one will have a 10 printed on both sides, etc. You are going to magically print all the cards in a totally surrealistic way!

– Very easy to perform

– Special cards printed by USPC in Bicycle Rider back
– Everything is handed out for examination at the end
– Effect on the audience guaranteed
– An amazing trick with twists and spectacular visual effects
– Two versions explained in detail (very easy or advanced)

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