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5 easy to learn card tricks!

Any Age / Any Ability

Perfect for beginners

Start learning 5 hard hitting tricks that are guaranteed to get you great reactions.

Get instant access to the online video and start learning right away (own deck required + few other items that most will already own)

Project 5 teaches you 5 easy to learn card tricks including

Aces – The Deck is shuffled by a spectator and yet they are able to cut to the 4 Aces.

The Prediction- The deck is shuffled and a number freely chosen. The Deck is dealt to the chosen number and the the two cards at that position combine to make one playing card – which matches a prediction.

Ultimate Force- The spectator chooses any card. You instantly know what their card is.

Odd One Out- 6 cards are shown and one is chosen. The card selected is always the one to have a different colored back design to the other 5 cards.

Dave Deck – Greg’s Signature trick. ANY Card is thought off. A prediction is written. The prediction (Dave) does not match what the spectator was thinking. You then spread through the deck to find their thought of card and it is seen to be the only card in the deck with DAVE printed across the Playing Card. The Ultimate Predication Trick.

Difficulty – Beginner

Project 5 is ideal for those just starting out looking for 5 Easy to master tricks that will get great reactions.

What are you waiting for. Start amazing your friends and family today.


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