Reboxed 2018 Magnetic Version Blue by Steve Bedwell and Mark Mason


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“A total mind @&*#! It fooled me.”
– Gary Kurtz

“Wow! What a fooler-dooler!”
– Daryl

“Just do it!”
– Dan Garrett

“I was completely fooled! What a great idea!”
– Bruce Cervon

Reboxed is a jaw dropping, pure moment of magic.

A deck of cards is removed from its box. Slowly, with no cover of any kind, the entire deck VISUALLY PENETRATES the card box. The box is re-opened.

The entire deck is now back INSIDE the card box!

I am a huge fan of Steve Bedwell — his thought process is simply MAGIC.

Reboxed has become a classic of magic and is performed by magicians world-wide.

Over the last 2 years numerous magicians have asked me if I can make them a magnetic version, so that the gimmick always lines up perfectly EVERY TIME.

This is an eye-popping effect.

Remember it’s a regular deck. You can openly toss the box onto the table and go straight into any card routine you like.

Comes complete with all the props and step-by-step video instructions.

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