RK Bands Half Dollar Size For Flipper coins (5 per package)


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Replacement RK BANDS for Roy Kueppers Flipper coins.

Truly a breakthrough in Bands for your Flipper coins. if you have ever had the bad experience of trying to remove a deteriorated crusty band from the groove of a Flipper coin then you know exactly what I’m talking about. some are impossible to remove after a very short time of being stored.

I have created this band to replace the typical rubber or latex bands that were used for many years. I developed and personally manufacture each band. The material I use to make these Bands have a shelf life of 40-50 years with deteriorating or breaking down in any way. They are extremely resilient to hot and cold as well as water, oil, UV Rays, chemicals, etc.

Each package contains 5 Bands. These Bands are the large size which will fit Roy Kueppers Flipper coins in these denominations…US Eisenhower dollar, Morgan dollar, and any other coin that is approximately the same size as a US Dollar.

I also recommended that you purchase my new “RK BANDS” as replacements for all my Flipper coins. They are available in 3 different sizes.

The Bands can and may break as a result of rubbing against the edges of the contact points from usage. The band can be replaced and you will also receive 2 pieces of double sided tape if breakage does occur.

Please note that the RK BANDS are NOT recommended for use in folding coins.

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