Secret Tools & Strategies (For Mentalist and Magicians) by Richard Mark & Marc Salem – Book


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Share the amazement exploring the many secrets and overlooked tools of mentalism. These are offered by an extraordinary showman and an award-winning creator of mentalism, Marc Salem, and Richard Mark, all based on over a century of combined experience. They are intended to increase your capabilities and development in the performance of extraordinary mentalism.

Included in this detailed work are closely guarded hidden strategies that you will use and will add valuable knowledge to your current and future performances.

Also included are:

  • An in-depth examination of fifty-five mentalism tools and variations for you to use and obtain maximum impact.
  • Sixty audience tested presentations offering a variety of plots and stories that will capture and hold the attention of your audiences. They run the gamut of close up, platform and stage.
  • Entire original acts and successful performances for you to apply.
  • Discoveries that will improve your ability to create your own methods and presentations.

“Here’s what you get in this book: really smart ideas from two smart mentalists. Richard Mark is a creative genius, and Marc Salem has been, for decades, one of the world’s most successful mentalists. Together they give us powerful new routines, but even better, from my perspective, are the many tips and insights into how to perform stunning mental routines. It’s a blockbuster package!”
Ken Weber – Maximum Entertainment

“The partnership of Marc Salem and Richard Mark has provided us in the past with brilliant material and this book is no exception. The book is filled with excellent ideas, routines, and effects. . This volume explores their deep thinking in every chapter. I love it.”
Lior Manor– International Corporate Entertainer

“Marc Salem is The Godfather of mentalism. The fact that he is sharing his life’s work on these topics makes it essential reading for all aspiring mind readers.”
Colin Mcleod – Mirage, Las Vegas

“I was very lucky to read a preview copy. It’s fantastic and a ‘must have’ for any performer. Marc is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable mentalists on the planet. I love everything he does! It’s a privilege to learn from him.”
Marc Paul – British TV mentalist

“Several words come to mind after reading this book: strong, practical, and commercial. The authors have given the mentalist community a wonderful gift. Study their routines, tips, and ideas. A good performer could put together an entire show and earn a good living with the gold that’s in this book. “
Shep Hyken – Award-winning keynote speaker/mentalist

“Richard Mark and Mark Salem are two of the most highly esteemed members of the mentalism community who have a combined total of nearly a century of experience between them. With these credentials, you would wish that this book would be something rather special. It is. This is the kind of serious exploration of contemporary mentalism that will prove to be a game changer to both this novice and experienced practitioners of this extremely vital area of the magic/mentalism curriculum. Nowadays mentalism is a very commercial field for entertainers and is just getting hotter. Secret Tools & Strategies may well prove to be one of the most important textbooks since classics such as 13 Steps to Mentalism, Prism, and the Koran books.
Along with card magic there are probably more books written on this topic than any other area of the magic world. While there are many excellent books available, this volume is exemplary in the way it combines tools, techniques, and kick-ass routines. It is also a very enjoyable read. There are 11 chapters with the following titles: Swami, How I Love You. Swingers. Phantom Hand. Osay. Hull of a Tool. On a Clear Day. Radio Daze. Mental Metal Medal. Write On. Potpourri of Tools. Our Opinions.
I listed the headings of the 11 chapters not just to give some insight into the contents but to give an idea of the rather droll humor that the authors use to leaven what can sometimes be a rather dry topic. Not only does this book describe and explore over 55 standard (and not so standard) mentalism tools, but it teaches the reader how to turn them into first-rate routines to entertain the contemporary audience. Secret Tools & Strategies contains many routines and presentations that have been forged in real life performing circumstances. This is one of those rare releases that could furnish its readers with an entire menu that can be developed into something new and exciting for the savvy performer
Whether you are a fully- fledged mentalist, or a magician looking to add some strong routines to your repertoire, this is a book that will pay big dividends. I strongly recommend Secret Tools & Strategies to anyone looking to improve their work. Scattered throughout the book are thoughts, tips, and ideas that should be carefully studied. It is always a joy when distinguished performers choose to share their knowledge. Don’t miss the opportunity to take the advantage of the “gems” that Salem and Mark bestow upon their readers. This book will have a proud place on my bookshelf, and I give it a very heartfully felt five-star rating.”

– A review by Nick Lewin which appeared in Vanishing Magazine

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