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After the World-wide success of the trilogy of Emotional Mentalism, Luca Volpe is back with a book containing a new and exciting format!

SHABARA’ has been written with one specific goal in mind: to spark your imagination and to stimulate the creative process, resulting in a mentalism experience which will deeply touch people’s lives.

It’s the story of a very skeptical young lady called Elizabeth, who reluctantly decides to attend and participate in a mystical show hosted by a “modern-day shaman” named SAHABARA’.

Over the course of this one special evening, many, many things happen, which not only compel Elizabeth into becoming a believer but completely change her views on life itself.

You will not only find beautifully thought-out routines and explanations within the pages of this book but you will also be part of Elizabeth’s extraordinary journey and witness that the ‘experiences’ are more important than the ‘methods’.

SHABARA’ will also teach you how you can create wonderment, even before you have chosen the person who will assist you in your show, and lets you discover how a beautiful script can transform a simple idea into a powerful performance piece.

This book has been ‘hand crafted’, word by word, image by image, in order to give the reader the overall experience of not only seeing but also feeling the story unfold.

Each copy has been printed on premium 80# paper with a black background, white text, full color images and a gorgeous hard bound cover… A real collector’s edition book that will take pride of place in any mentalism library.
If you are looking for the latest mentalist trick, then this book is probably not for you. However, if you would like to learn a full emotionally fueled show and simple methods which will help you to connect deeply with your audience, then SHABARA’ is what you are looking for!

The routines included in this book are:

– Talking to the Moon Q&A Act
– Metronome Heart Beat Sync
– Petals
– You See What You Want To See
– Crystal Connection
– Spreading the Love
– Breathing Joy

Written by Luca Volpe

Edited by Paul McCaig.


“I just finished reading the book. It’s something wonderful, among the many routines the one with rose petals and spreading the love are worth ten times the price of the book (and I’m keeping it low). Furthermore, the idea of reading the impressions and sensations (in the first part of the book) that a “believer” could have during a show of this type is very cool, even if calling it a show is almost an understatement, I would say milti-sensory experience. This book can be a great source of great inspiration, for me it was definitely going to improve my show for private parties. I already have some ideas on how to improve my program, which came thanks to reading ShabarĂ . In this challenging historical period, people need something beyond the simple “wow” effect and this book, along with Luca’s previous three Emotional Mentalism will allow you to play in another league. My sincere congratulations Luca Volpe.”
Alessandro Balossini

“Mine just came in last night and oh my goodness Luca you have made a miracle. I dove in and half way through. I love it!!!!! The mystique of it is breathtaking and bold. We need this kind of real Magic now.”
Murside Turan Jean

“What a great and unique reading experience! I love it from the first word to the last. I read it in one piece. wonderful, inspiring and captivating!”
Dominik Pacher

“This book, It tells an enchanting story about a mystical act that two sisters attended. If it was possible, I’d pay big money to attend Shabara’s performance. I read the story twice before reading Luca’s explanations. Shabara began with Spreading the Love, which Luca says is worth ten times the cost of the book. I agree, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to present it. It has the potential to be life changing, and it’s totally real. That was the opener, and the performance built from there. In the introduction, Luca says that he wrote the book “to spark your imagination and to stimulate the creative process, resulting in a Mentalism experience which will deeply touch people’s lives.” He’s succeeded wonderfully well.”
Richard Webster

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