Silk to Chocolate (Ferrero Rocher) by Sean Yang


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Cleanly show a silk and tuck it into a closed fist. With a gentle blow, the silk has transformed into a gorgeous chocolate!

A new rendition to the classic effect “Silk to Egg!” Replace the egg with the chocolate, making the effect seemingly more impromptu and delicious! To conclude, you can even give out the chocolate as a souvenir at the end of the routine!

Or you can:
Tear up the wrapper to show the chocolate, then give another gentle blow and the wrapper is magically restored!

Sean Yang’s Silk to Chocolate:

– The effect is very direct and magical
– Looks just like real chocolate, but it won’t melt!
– Easy to perform!
– Easy to carry around!
– Gimmick lasts forever
– Who doesn’t like chocolate!! What’s better than a fun magic show AND A CHOCOLATE TO EAT?
– Comes with a bonus trick that guarantees a laugh!

The kit includes:

– Realistic chocolate shell
– 16cm X 16cm silk
– Online instructional video


Nose Surprise: An easy but funny trick!!

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