Six By Six by Simon Lipkin


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“One of the BEST Every Day Carry items I’ve seen…100%”
Craig Petty

Simon Lipkin’s SixBySix is a brand new approach to ESP Cards. Designed to look like an innocent snap game set, SixBySix packs some powerful secrets. Wither you already perform cube magic, or you’ve never picked up a cube before, SixBySix is the perfect addition to your walk around set.

What you get:

  • Two sets (12 Cards) of matching game cards, marked in three different ways
  • A custom designed wallet, with hidden features, reveals, cribs, and even a built in book test
  • A fully detailed online tutorial, taking you through each routine in detail.


  • Multiple matching effects
  • Color predictions
  • Forces
  • Tricks with a cube
  • Tricks without a cube

And much much more!

Access to the SixBySix Facebook group, to share ideas and routines.

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