Steranko On Cards by Jim Steranko – Book


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Excerpt from the book:

“During the preparation of this book careful thought was given as to which routines should be included. The tricks are entertaining, the sleights are latent means to an end result. The articulate manner of text and illustration was due to our enthusiasm to thoroughly acclimate the reader with every minute characteristic of each move. If then, you utilize only a few of these items, the purpose of this book will have been fulfilled.” – Jim Steranko

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Fundamentals
Chapter Two – Action Center Reverse
Chapter Three – Positive Card Control
Chapter Four – Lateral Palm
Chapter Five – Multiple Shift
Chapter Six – Card Miscellanea
Chapter Seven – Cues on Cards
Chapter Eight – Quick Trix
Chapter Nine – Trio
Chapter Ten – Aces in Abstraction
Chapter Eleven – Card Eclipse
Chapter Twelve – Dead Man’s Hand Finale
Chapter Thirteen – Fantasy Card Routine
Bonus Section: Chapter Fourteen – Concerning Steranko Annotations by Terrence Francisco

Pages 114 – Hardbound

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