Super Cup (Eisenhower) by Johnny Wong – (1 dvd and 1 cup) Trick


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Super Cup is the latest product from Johnny Wong in 2015.

It is the most brilliant and multifunctional combination design of a coin gimmick and a magical metal cup, which contains lots of Johnny Wong’s original ideas.

Anyone is able to perform various table and coin magic with it, and is able to do it with infinite possibilities.

This product is suitable for both novice and professional magicians, and it will make every magician a much better all-round performer.

If you are a fan of coin magic, don’t miss this wonderful coin gimmick.

DVD includes:
Johnny Wong’s performance and tricks listed below.

1. 3 Coins Metal Cup Penetration
2. Perfect Twice Penetration
3. Half Dollar Change 2 Quarter Coins
4. Half Dollar Change to Chinese Coin
5. Super Cup Routine

Idea by Johnny Wong

– 1 x Eisenhower Dollar Special gimmicks
– 1 x Special Metal Cup (for Dollar Size)
– 6 x Special Silver sticker for Dollar gimmicks
– 1 x Instructional DVD

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