The Cowhide Coin Wallet (Black) by Bacon Magic


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Coin wallet is an indispensable essential for every coin magician, providing a secure and comfortable haven for the coins that accompany you daily. Whether it’s crafting intricate coin props or delicate silver coins, they are all highly susceptible to damage. A robust and durable coin wallet can significantly extend the lifespan of your coins.

Considering factors like capacity, portability, and quality, Bacon Magic presents this durable and practical high-value Cowhide Coin Wallet, hoping to earn your recognition and appreciation.

Exterior Design:
The Cowhide Coin Wallet features a concealed button design. Its simple rectangular appearance and hidden clasp allow the wallet to snugly fit in your pocket, enabling you to travel light.

Volume Capacity:
The external dimensions of the wallet are approximately 6cm * 4.8cm, making it easy to accommodate 6 half-dollar-sized coins or 4 dollar-sized coins. This capacity is sufficient to hold various common coin sets. It truly achieves a compact size with a large capacity.

Internal Details:
The interior lining of the coin wallet is smooth and wear-resistant. The back of the metal clasp is covered by the lining, eliminating concerns about metal components causing wear on the coins.

Craftsmanship and Materials:
The Bacon Cowhide Coin Wallet boasts exquisite craftsmanship and neat stitching. The plain leather version is made from high-quality top-grain leather, with a matte finish on the surface that will develop an enchanting aged texture over time.

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