The Shark by Zihu


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Short description: The secret inside the box will frustrate your spectators, defying their logic and reasoning! You can reach in the box and find the selected card, but they only feel the shark’s pull!

Spectators ask themselves, “Why can’t I pull out the card?”

What it is: A whole new concept and gimmick — no threads, no magnet, self-working and 100% reliable.

A smart mechanism lets you keep the cards inside the box and release them anytime you want. You control the position, stop point, and timing for when it ends. This makes the audience curious, obsessed by the mystery inside the small box.

What happens: The spectator puts the deck into the box, then pulls out every single card until they reach the position you choose. At that point, they can’t withdraw the cards anymore… the cards stick tightly to the inside of the box.

You can be anywhere, and the effect still happens. The audience cannot withdraw the cards, and then they can… all under your control!

Easily adapt this incredible feature into your routine, using it to:

– Find the selected card without touching the deck
– Find the number of cards that people are thinking of without saying a word
– Steal their strength away: Make the card stick to the box, and release it whenever you want


– Instant reset
– Self-working
– Can be examined
– Always under your control (number of cards, position, time to release)
– Many tricks are taught

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