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Have you ever wanted to reveal a thought of country? The traveller allows you to do this in a quick and fair manner. Best of all it’s fun to perform and requires minimal memory work!

Five years ago Reese Goodley created ‘Navigator’ which became an instant bestseller. Now he’s back with another country divination plot, that’s much faster and more slick than ever before!

This is the way the effect looks: The performer has a very brief conversation with the participant in a playful, fair and normal manner, after the conversation you immediately begin to reveal the country they are merely thinking of!

After being obsessed with the plot for the last three years, Reese is finally back!!

This is The Traveller

  • Easy to learn, Easy to follow
  • No letter-based anagrams
  • Nothing written down
  • Performable in any language
  • A hard-hitting any place, anytime effect

“The thing that impresses me about “the Traveller” is it’s malleability. Most Prop-less Mentalism is language dependent and you have to carefully learn each word and deliver is as written to make the effect work. With the Traveller, there are small “mile-markers” that need following but the rest you can adapt to suit your character. There’s little to no memory work and the beauty of this for me is that you can blend this with traditional methodology to achieve a super clean version of Name/ Place. Kudos Reese! Love it.”
– Peter Turner

“I’m not usually a big fan of prop-less stuff – The Traveler is a notable exception, however. It’s very straightforward, easy to follow and leaves lots of room for your own presentational angle. Highly recommended!”
– T. Krause

“An excellent piece of prop-less mentalism that isn’t process-heavy. In fact, it just seems like you are having a chat. Easy to learn too! Well worth adding to your repertoire.”
– Angelo Carbone

“Reese has thought of everything with The Traveller, prop-less mentalism at its best.”
– John Morton

“Reese you devious b*****d! You’ve done it again! Somehow, you’ve found a way to streamline this plot!!!, and not only get rid of anagrams but make the process fairer, and more deceiving!”
– Oisin Foley

“It’s great knowing I can leave the house with only this in my mind, knowing it will destroy everybody else’s mind!”
– Mick Wilson

“Very recently via messenger Reese totally floored me with his Traveller effect. I thought of a country and he nailed it. No anagrams or boring procedures. So clean, so strong. Just get it!!!”
– John Carey

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