The Vault – ClipStick Switch by Alexander May video


The Ultimate Stress Free Prediction Effect for Zoom!

“This is a very effective routine for Zoom Shows. Easy to perform and looks really clean! Well done!”
Luca Volpe

“Bold, deceptive, simple, clean and ideal for online performances. The perfect technique for these unprecedented times.”
Elliott Bresler

“Simple, easy to do and effective!”
Lior Manor

“With all the technical stresses that come with performing virtually, this simple yet powerful reveal is a great addition to a Zoom show. It’s foolproof, stress-free, low-tech and leaves them amazed!
Kyle & Mistie Knight

This is a great switching technique to predict anything.
Pablo Amira

“This very useful billet switch will let you do very clean predictions and there’s nothing to see. It’s a perfect idea for Zoom routines and will leave a lasting impression on your viewer.”
Greg Arce

  • Easy to do
  • Ends clean
  • Huge reactions
  • Used by top pros all over the world

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