The Vault – Orbit Coin Flourish by Greg Rostami – Download


The Orbit Coin Flourish is one of the most amazing things you’ll do with a coin and a phone.

It looks impossible, but it’s an easy technique that you’ll quickly master.

Start with a simple table spin, and move on to more advanced spins on tablets, phones and other surfaces.


  • Does not damage the phone screen.
  • Use any coin/ring, any phone, any smooth flat surface.
  • Easy to do on an iPad, tablet, or large phone.
  • Harder to do on cards/small phone.
  • No strings, no magnets, no gimmicks, no app.
  • Bonus – Coin Snap Flourish is included.

Once you learn Orbit, you’re always ready to impress with nothing more than a coin and a phone!

Download now!


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