VIVE LE CIRQUE by Sébastien Delsaut


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Here are cards that will allow you to perform several routines for children on the theme of the circus.

Measuring 5,93 x 8,27 inches, these cards will be as visible in birthday condition as on stage.

Several routines are offered with these cards in order to provoke laughter, surprise and comedy… With these cards, you will be able to make all the classics for children that you already do with ESP cards.

Cards format 5,93 x 8,27 inches

Supplied with 2 sets of 6 marked cards

Example of routines provided:

An elephant memory
Why do we say we have an elephant memory? Because the elephant has extraordinary powers.
Indeed, the elephant is able to guess which animal is chosen by the children

Spelling game
Do you know the circus animals? What if we played at spelling their name …
The children will have a hard time but it may be the fault of the clown who does everything he wants…

Surprise balloon
An animal is freely chosen by a child. The magician had guessed it because he had made a prediction in the form of a balloon

Pre monition
You will be able to gather the circus animals in pairs and in their respective enclosures without looking at the cards

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