VOODOO by Marchand de Trucs


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You present twelve cards to the viewer. You distribute six and keep the other six.

On these cards are represented Voodoo dolls that have needles positioned at six different places: the head, the left arm, the heart, the right bottom, the left leg and the right leg.

Tell the participant that you will predict his choice of needle placement. Put a card on the table as a prediction. The spectator places his choice next to yours. Before revealing your prediction, show the five cards remaining in your hand, one by one — the participant can see that his card is not among any of them.

Indeed, you had predicted his choice from the beginning.

Return your prediction and show that your card is identical to his!

  • Ideal for close-up
  • Instant reset
  • No complicated moves


  • The 12 cards (tarot format) specially printed by Cartamundi
  • PDF illustrated in color in French and English
  • For safety reasons, the doll is not provided

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